During the lessons, we will guide your infant through various water activities, including gentle submersions, floating techniques, and basic kicks. The lessons are designed to be fun, engaging, and tailored to your infant's individual needs.

Swim Lessons

Individual lessons are built on the principle of simple steps to get a good result and enjoy the process!
Three Basic Skills
Teach your child the power of kicking! Strong leg movements help them stay afloat and propel themselves through the water. Encourage them to kick from their hips, keeping their legs straight and toes pointed. It's a fundamental skill that builds strength and mobility in the water.
to Float
Floating is a valuable technique for conserving energy. The only way for a small child to breathe in the water and be safe. This skill allows them to rest, regain composure, and call for help if needed.
to Submerge
Submerging is an important skill to learn, especially when facing unexpected situations. Teach your child to hold their breath and go underwater. Encourage them to practice controlled submersions, gradually increasing the duration. This skill enhances their comfort in the water and prepares them for any surprises.
to Kick

Learn To Swim While Having Fun!

The songs and games are the most natural way for babies to listen and learn. All activities are carefully balanced to ensure they have fun and stay relaxed.
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It's Time to Take a Swim!
Individual lessons are built on the principle of simple steps to get a good result and enjoy the process!
About Lessons
age features
comfortable environment
optimal duration
flexible schedule
We are working with all ages from 3 months old, and select training programs in accordance to their age, and customize based on their psychological and individual characteristics.
You don't need to go anywhere, because the lessons are provided in your pool or at your chosen location.
Short lesson is 30 minutes long that include swimming and a rewarding part, because it's so important to encourage child`s progress!
You choose a convenient schedule with 2-3 lessons per week at the training stage and once a week maintenance training in the future.
30 min

Parents are often interested in how how many lessons are needed for kids to become water-safe? This is determined individually, but the result is influenced by regular practice and the gentle approach of the instructor. Watch a video where you can compare the progress of kids before and after several classes. You can see that even a strong fear of water can be overcome!

Check the Result!

(1-5 lessons)

16 lessons
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(2nd lesson)
10 lessons
Willa`s progress!
If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them, get to know you and your child and tell you more about how the classes are going. Fill out the form or contact us!
30 minutes each lesson
One by one Class
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Trial Lesson
of 10 Classes
Newborn swimming in your bathtub
/per class
Swimming with your newborn can greatly help avoid your baby's fear of water in the future. It will help you better understand how to correctly and effectively prepare your baby for future swimming.

This can also be a great opportunity for you and your baby to have a great time.

Class takes place in the comfort of your own bathtub!
40 minutes each lesson
Here's an excellent opportunity for you and your child to bond and learn something new together - swimming! It doesn't matter if you're located far away from Miami because we offer online lessons that you can take with your child.

Through Zoom or Skype, I will guide you through the process so that you can experience the joys of swimming together under professional guides.
Online classes
One by one Class
Package of 10 Classes
/per class