Gentle, fun and effective swim lessons for kids at your home!

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Gentle, fun and effective swim lessons for kids at your home!
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Swim lessons help improve coordination and balance and build stronger muscles.

Physical development
healthy well-being
It also develops the respiratory and the immune system and improves sleep quality.
Vital Benefits
life-saving skills
This is important if you live close to the ocean or have a pool to ensure the safety of the children and your peace of mind.
We not only teach basic swimming skills, but also we provide all-round careful development of children.
More than Swimming
Focus and goal setting
Relieve stress
Overcoming fears

Individual lessons are built on the principle of simple steps to get a good result and enjoy the process!

Swim Lessons

age features
comfortable environment
optimal duration
flexible schedule
We are working with all ages from 3 months old, and select training programs in accordance to their age, and customize based on their psychological and individual characteristics.
You don't need to go anywhere, because the lessons are provided in your pool or at your chosen location.
Lessons are 30 minutes long that include swimming and a rewarding part, because it's so important to encourage child`s progress!
We recommend practicing a minimum 2-3 times a week. The more you practice, the faster you will see desirable results.
30 min
Get 50% off your first trial swim lesson!
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Our Happy Clients
We are excited to help you be mindful parents and inspire your children!
Hi! We've been working with Alena for about 10 lessons. Our daughter, who's 3 years old, couldn't do anything and was afraid the water.

Now she's so much more comfortable and she's been doing things like kicking on her back without help! She's been doing a crab walk or she walks along the wall. We couldn't be happier!! Alena is so nice! She's so intuitive into how Willa needs to learn and she's just been fantastic! And we're going to continue working with her until she can swim on her own, which hopefully will be really soon!

Thank U so much!
Willa`s parents
We have been using Alena for quite some time now.

We are so happy with her! She is so patient, so caring. And so great at what she does! We've seen so much progress in both of our daughters! We have a 2,5 year old and a 9 month old, and both have made so much progress!

We highly highly recommend using Alena!
Sophia and Delilah`s mom
I'm the mother of an 8 month old baby boy.
I started swim lessons with Alena when he was 4 months old, just to get an acclimated to being into the water so that he could already get comfortable with being in the water.

She was so great and having creative ways and been so patient and wonderful with him too, without overdoing and without pressing him. We are making sure that it was fun environment for learning!

And we have been happy with how he does progressed and enjoys being in the water. It has been awesome to work with Alena and me will continue to do so in the future. We highly recommend working with her!
William`s mom
Alena is our second trainer, and I want to say that we were quite complicated customer client. My son rejected any pools, any ocean or any options with water, and he had really a lot of stress with the water.

And now only after like six or seven sessions he can dive in into the water, he can do kicking and splashing! So I want to say huge thankee to Alena, because she found that connection with my son. And I'm sure that we need about 10 more sessions, and he will be very comfortable and relaxed in the water!

So I highly recommend Alena because she can find individual attention to any kid in any age! I'm very happy that we've found Alena, and Max loves her very very much!
Max`s mom
Do you have a birthday on the beach or pool party?

According to statistics, most of the accidents occur during the parties, when adults can easily get distracted and not keep track of the children.

We will ensure the safety of children near the water and make interesting entertainment for them!
Lifeguard for Party!

Parents are often interested in how how many lessons are needed for kids to become water-safe? This is determined individually, but the result is influenced by regular practice and the gentle approach of the instructor. Watch a video where you can compare the progress of kids before and after several classes. You can see that even a strong fear of water can be overcome!

Check the Result!

(1-5 lessons)

16 lessons
Max`s progress!
(2nd lesson)
10 lessons
Willa`s progress!