We not only teach basic swimming skills, but also we provide all-round careful development of children.

Our Approach
Overcoming fears
Swimming requires children to overcome their fear of the water, which can be challenging for some. We use laid back approach to swim lessons using toys, games, songs and fun activities to introduce your baby to the water. This process helps them develop emotional intelligence by teaching them how to effectively manage and regulate their emotions.
Building self-confidence
As children learn to swim and succeed, they gain confidence in their abilities. This newfound confidence goes beyond the pool and can positively impact their self-esteem and self-efficacy in other areas of life. With increased confidence, children are better able to handle social interactions, express themselves, and navigate different emotional situations.
Relieve stress
Swimming is a physical activity that promotes relaxation and reduces stress. Regular exercise, such as swimming, helps release endorphins, which are known to improve mood and reduce anxiety. By engaging in this type of physical activity, children can learn to manage stress, regulate their emotions, and develop a more balanced emotional state.
Focus and goal setting
Learning to swim requires concentration, focus, and the ability to set and achieve goals. Children learn to break down the learning process into smaller, achievable steps that can help them develop resilience and the ability to deal with disappointments or setbacks along the way. These skills are vital components of emotional intelligence.

Parents are often interested in how how many lessons are needed for kids to become water-safe? This is determined individually, but the result is influenced by regular practice and the gentle approach of the instructor. Watch a video where you can compare the progress of kids before and after several classes. You can see that even a strong fear of water can be overcome!

Check the Result!

(3rd lesson)

11 lessons
ocean`s progress!
(2nd lesson)
10 lessons
Willa`s progress!
It is important for the instructor to know not only basic teaching skills, but also the intricacies of working with young children. Therefore, we have all the necessary certificates and additional psychological skills.
Who will Teach
Alena was born in Novokuznetsk, Siberia, Russia and learned how to swim at the young age of five in Sochi, located on the Black Sea. Her love for water grew as she became a strong swimmer and eventually started working as a lifeguard at just sixteen years old. Couple years after, she became a swimming instructor.

Her passion for the arts led Alena to study at the Novokuznetsk School of Arts, where she learned the importance of patience and consistency to achieve the desired results. As a painter, she developed an eye for the little nuances and moods of others. Alena continued education by taking psychology courses and eventually received a degree in Human Sciences.

In addition to her love for the arts and psychology, she have been actively practicing Buddhist meditation for over ten years. She is also a skilled astrologer and enjoy reading planetary charts to gain insight!
Andrey was born in Minks Belarus, at the time part of USSR. He learned how to swim at the age of 6 in Crimea regent of the Black Sea, and became passionate to become a better swimmer.Within the same year Andrey joined local sport swimming club for training at Minsk Belarus and within few short years has competed in youth sport swimming competitions, as well as assisted sports trainer in teaching others.

Since the age of 16 Andrey worked as a Lifeguard at summer camps, instructed kids of safety and provided private lessons.

Andrey attended professional Ballet University of Belarus, and from the young age was introduced to lots of sport intensive training, and have developed Discipline, Endurance and Perseverance for reaching set goals.

Andrey also has been practicing martial arts since the age of 9, and since 2008 has been practicing intensive meditations including long retreats, and working with psychology transformation practices, which help to developed patience, joyfulness & understanding of the mind.
ANDREY Barhatkov
Licensed swimming instructor
"I love teaching young kids how to enjoy to improve their skills, discover new abilities, to build strength, endurance and to have a greater success surviving any unexpected accidents or situations while in the water."
Alena Korshun
The founder of the Happy Swimmers and licensed swimming instructor
"I enjoy watching the transformation of young children. They start the lessons scared and unsure of themselves and then, through regular practice, grow so strong and confident! I enjoy helping them develop new sets of skills and new sets of qualities that will serve them for the rest of their lives."

Learn To Swim While Having Fun!